Consulting Services for your General Contractor License in Florida

When you begin your career as a general contractor license in Florida, it is important to build your business on a solid foundation. There are several forms of paperwork and business logistics that are required to create a successful and efficiently operating contractor business in Florida. Most contractors have difficulty finding the time to balance… Continue reading

Credit Reports Florida Contractor and why it is Important to have a Good Credit Score

We’ve discussed the requirements to earn your general contractors license like Credit Reports Florida Contractor in several previous blogs. However, most people still don't know that you are required to produce a personal and commercial (if applicable) FICO credit statement in order to prove financial responsibility before you can receive your general contractor license in Florida. As… Continue reading

A Good Credit Score can Help You Obtain your Florida Contractor License

The requirements to earn your Florida Contractor License include several steps, including passing the exam and proving your years of experience in your industry. However, the requirement that surprises most general contractor hopefuls tends to be the financial responsibility portion of the application. In order to obtain your Florida contractor license, you must prove that… Continue reading

How to “grandfather” your Registered Contractors License in Florida

In 2012, Governor Rick Scott signed a bill to extend the time period during which registered contractors license could receive a statewide, certified Florida contractor’s license through a “grandfathering” process. Here are some of the details from the bill to help you better understand what this process entails: House Bill 897, which passed during the… Continue reading

Contractor Corporate Setup Services – Setting up your S-Corp

Beginning your career as a general contractor in the state of Florida can be time consuming, especially when you have to fill out application after application and provide the correct documentation for every requirement. Luckily, with Contractors Reporting Services, you can expedite your application process by letting us handle everything from start to finish. We… Continue reading