Financial Responsibilities for a Contractor

A general contractor license holder is a self-employed individual who takes up contractual assignments and projects. One of the great things about having a contractor’s license is that the holder doesn’t have to deal with the typical employer and employee relationship. This gives them the freedom to work in a more positive way. But this… Continue reading

What are the Insurance Requirements for Florida Contractors?

Before we move on to discussing insurance requirements of contractors license in the state of Florida, let’s first start with understanding who a Florida general contractor insurance if for. It is basically for contractors managing new buildings, renovation services, and all other tasks related to the entire project. Normally Florida contractors have area of specialty… Continue reading

As the Holder of a Contractor’s License in Florida, Why Is It Important to Pull Permits Before Work Is Actually Done?

Although rules and regulations vary per location, as the holder of a contractor’s license in Florida, you know you are required to get a permit for projects that go beyond basic maintenance and repair or straightforward aesthetic boosts. A couple of requirements may seem like a hassle, but regulations are there, typically for safety reasons.… Continue reading

Workers’ Compensation Requirements for Florida General Contractors

Workers’ compensation insurance is required for contractors in Florida. What are the requirements for coverage? Should you apply for exemptions? What are the pros and cons of coverage versus exemptions? This is your guide to workers’ compensation insurance for general contractors in Florida. Florida Coverage Requirements All contractors working within the State of Florida must… Continue reading