How to set up an electrical company in Florida – Contractor corporate/LLC services at Contractors Reporting Services

After you earn your electrician license in Florida, your next step is to begin to form your own company by contractors corporate. There are several options to choose from when deciding how to set up your electrician company; should you choose an S-corp or an LLC to better benefit your business model and future goals? At… Continue reading

Types of contractors that can apply for the general contractor license

A common misconception about the Florida general contractor license is that it is only useful for people who are going into the contractor business to build homes or commercial buildings. Honestly, when most people hear “contractor,” they picture someone with a hardhat building a home. However, the Florida general contractor license is for more professionals… Continue reading

Frequently Asked Questions about Florida Contractor Credit Reports for HVAC specialists

Most contractors have many questions about the financial stability portion of the general contractor licensing requirements for HVAC specialists. Our Florida contractor credit report team is here to help you find answers and establish your financial responsibility so you can earn your general contractors license in Florida and HVAC specialists. Please review the Frequently Asked… Continue reading

How to prove your financial responsibility with our Florida Contractor Credit Report service – Contractors Reporting Services

One of the most important steps during the general contractor licensing process in Florida is proving financial responsibility. People striving to earn the Florida HVAC license and general contractor license must submit a Florida Contractor Credit Score, as well as other documentation to prove financial responsibility. You cannot earn your contractors license without meeting this… Continue reading

Three Tips to Become a Successful General Contractor in Florida

Building a successful general contractor business in Florida requires dedication and planning. The first step to building your business is to obtain your general contractors license by taking the Florida General Contractors exam. After you take the exam, you must apply for your FL general contractors license by sending in an application and proof that… Continue reading

Don’t make the biggest mistake that most HVAC new businesses make

Most HVAC new business in Florida focus on building their business correctly to ensure later success. You study hard for the Florida contractor exam, you make sure that your Florida contractor credit report shows that you are financially stable, and you work with a team of advisors for your Florida contractor Corporate/LLC setup. Most contractors… Continue reading