Insurance Requirements for your General Contractors License in Florida

When applying for a General Contractors License in Florida, most people only focus on the exam portion of the requirements. While the exam is a huge portion of earning your Florida contractors license, it is not the only requirement. At Contractors Reporting Services, we help our clients obtain and maintain their Florida General Contractors License.… Continue reading

Contractor Corporate LLC Setup Services – What’s the difference between an S-Corp and an LLC?

When working with general contractors who are starting businesses, one of the most common questions we hear is about the difference between an LLC and an S-Corp. At Contractors Reporting Services, we believe in educating our clients to help them make the best decisions for their business future. Our contractor Corporate LLC setup services are… Continue reading

What to do if your Florida Contractor Credit Report is Lower than 660

Applying for your Florida general contractor license requires proof of financial stability. At Contractors Reporting Services, we often hear the question, “how important is my credit score in the licensing process?” and what if you have lower Contractor Credit Report. The answer is that your Florida contractor credit report is very important in establishing your… Continue reading

What can you do with a Florida Contractors License?

At Contractors Reporting Services, we have helped contractors for over forty years navigate the steps to have Contractors License in Florida and understand the requirements and limitations that accompany each license. We often receive questions from our clients regarding what services in Florida require a contractors license and what services do not. We thought we would… Continue reading

Are you Eligible to be a General Contractor in Florida?

At Contractors Reporting Services, we have spent over forty years helping people become licensed and eligible Florida general contractor. Our expertise extends beyond handling the bureaucratic requirements to obtain a contractors license; we also help our clients navigate the requirements to obtain their general contractors license and the state requirements to keep their general contractors… Continue reading