IT Management and Cyber Security for General Contractors

The general contractor job description encompasses every aspect of building construction, whether it is new construction, remodeling, or renovation. General contractor responsibilities include coordinating with subcontractors, managing employees, setting deadlines and budgets, and obtaining appropriate building materials. Contractors must also manage client expectations, troubleshoot the project, resolve emergencies, acquire needed construction permits, and ensure every… Continue reading

Florida contractor license requirements

Filing a Mechanics Lien in Florida

Florida law offers strong lien rights for general contractors and suppliers. Providing that correct paperwork is in place if a contractor isn’t paid for a job, they are able to file a lien to receive payment as well as protecting themselves. In cases of non-payment, there are requirements that need to be fulfilled and a… Continue reading

The Types and Requirements for a Florida General Contractor License

If you’re interested in becoming a general contractor in Florida, you need to be licensed to perform construction work legally. There are two primary licenses to choose from which will allow you to perform general contracting work either throughout the whole state of Florida, or only in a specific local jurisdiction. In both cases, the… Continue reading

Real Estate Trends in 2020 has recently published its housing market predictions for 2020. In the forecast, analysts looked at four areas: supply, demand, home sales, and the move to affordability. 1) Supply Low affordability and higher interest rates caused growth in the housing inventory, while higher housing prices and higher interest rates raised barriers to entry. Houses sat… Continue reading

3 Frequently Asked Questions About Filing the Notice of Commencement in Florida

When it comes to the filing of the Notice of Commencement in Florida, there are a number of questions that come up most frequently. For general contractors and subcontractors, it’s important to understand the protection that the NOC offers. And for all involved parties, the Notice of Termination has a critical part to play in… Continue reading

Financial Responsibilities for a Contractor

A general contractor license holder is a self-employed individual who takes up contractual assignments and projects. One of the great things about having a contractor’s license is that the holder doesn’t have to deal with the typical employer and employee relationship. This gives them the freedom to work in a more positive way. But this… Continue reading

What are the Insurance Requirements for Florida Contractors?

Before we move on to discussing insurance requirements of contractors license in the state of Florida, let’s first start with understanding who a Florida general contractor insurance if for. It is basically for contractors managing new buildings, renovation services, and all other tasks related to the entire project. Normally Florida contractors have area of specialty… Continue reading