Helping builders dot “i”s and cross “t”s since 1965.

You have additions to worry about, logistical, structural issues, scheduling problems—you have enough to keep you busy. And Contractors Reporting Services has been helping the construction industry take care of the paperwork and licensing/approval processes for more than 46 years.

Our track record and variety of happy customers are proof of our know-how. Procedures and approval processes within the various government organizations change all the time. If you’re not up-to-date on how to get things done, you may risks delays and annoying inquiries.

All of which can cost you money. That’s where we come in. You like working with your hands, not pushing paper. With CRS on board, you focus your energy on building. Permits, tax forms, employment documents—those are our specialty.

William R Navarra | Founder 1923-2001


William Navarra was born in New York. He proudly served in our military during World War II. In 1958, he moved to Florida and entered the Real Estate and Construction market. After several years, Mr. Navarra developed the business concept that today is Contractors Reporting Services. The goal was to meet the needs of builders and keep current with the ever-changing State of Florida requirements. On September 20th 1965, this idea became a reality. We just entered our 46th year in business, proudly serving Florida’s construction industry.

Nell Jackson | President


Nell has owned and operated the business along with her late Husband William Navarra. She has served the construction industry faithfully for over 40 years. One of her accomplishments has been to stay active in developing new requirements and structures, both within the City of Tampa and in Hillsborough County. In 1994, she was elected to serve on the City of Tampa Equity Study Commission. Her vital support along with experience and expertise in the building industry are the guiding forces behind CRS.

Roman Albano | Vice President


Roman started with Contractors Reporting Service Inc in 2001 and has worked in every position that services the construction industry during those ten years with the company. Roman brings a working man’s knowledge to our business with his construction background in residential home renovations, as well as his work with home and property investments. Roman has been a key player in helping evolve the company and lead us into new areas of business.

Application Service

After passing your State exam, you need to provide specific application information for that trade. Our Initial Application service helps you obtain this license in a timely manner and avoid costly delays. If time is money, this service saves you BOTH.

Lets get started  

Financial Stability Review & Report

Personal ” Business Financial Stability Review & Reports that include public records checks at the County, State and Federal levels. These reports are approved and accepted by the State as well as the local County or City municipalities. We complete reports within 24 business hours of receiving. Lets get started  

Corporation / LLC

Don’t be fooled by other overpriced web sites. Get the personal attention you deserve with our courteous and professional staff. We DO NOT give you the run around with service. We deliver. We’ll set you up as either a C-Corporation or S-Corporation. Get set up today  

Local License Registration & Renewals

We can assist in keeping you up to date with the State and County license renewals. This valuable service will keep you in compliance with State Statuettes and Local Code. Let’s Talk Further  

Additional Entities

If you hold one license and wish to qualify a second company, or if you hold multiple licenses and wish to qualify a separate company with any of your licenses, you will be required to apply under additional business guidelines—which can be frustrating and confusing. Contact Us Today  

Transfer / Change of Status

If you are removing or transfer your license from one company to another, you are required to file an application and meet certain requirements & eligibility for license transfer. Contact Us Today  

Annual Reports

Annual reports need to be filed every year to renew or maintain the active status of a Corporation or LLC. Failure to file accurately or timely will result in a penalty of $400 that cannot be waived. Contact Us Today  

In House Construction Accountant

Our in-house accountant offers a free review of your current accounting and tax returns to ensure that you are saving as much money in taxes as possible. We also provide a FREE QuickBooks class on how to operate and better understand QuickBooks. Contact Us Today