IT Management and Cyber Security for General Contractors

The general contractor job description encompasses every aspect of building construction, whether it is new construction, remodeling, or renovation. General contractor responsibilities include coordinating with subcontractors, managing employees, setting deadlines and budgets, and obtaining appropriate building materials. Contractors must also manage client expectations, troubleshoot the project, resolve emergencies, acquire needed construction permits, and ensure every… Continue reading

CRM Tools Bring a Competitive Edge to General Contractors

One of the most important keys to success as a general contractor is leveraging technology to multiply efforts, increase efficiencies, and improve communication. The right tools can facilitate general contractor licensing, filing annual reports, keeping the workers' compensation exemption renewed, following lien law, pulling permits, and filing a notice of commencement. The general contractor must… Continue reading

Florida General Contractor License Application Requirements

The Types and Requirements for a Florida General Contractor License If you’re interested in becoming a general contractor in Florida, you need to be licensed to perform construction work legally. There are two primary licenses to choose from which will allow you to perform general contracting work either throughout the whole state of Florida or… Continue reading

Real Estate Trends in 2020

Projected Real Estate Trends for 2020 Analyzed by Contractor Licensing Experts has recently published its housing market predictions for 2020. In the forecast, analysts looked at four areas: supply, demand, home sales, and the move to affordability. 1) Supply Low affordability and higher interest rates caused growth in the housing inventory, while higher housing prices… Continue reading

Prospective Vocational Rehabilitation Vendors Questions Answered

Answering Questions for Prospective Vocational Rehabilitation Vendors Vocational Rehabilitation (or VR) is a federal-state program. The program aims to help people with physical or mental disabilities to find and hold down a job. VR is focused on helping people with disabilities establish meaningful careers. For individuals to become eligible for VR services, they must: Have… Continue reading