Contractors Reporting Services Offers Simple Ways to Get a Contractor’s License

Getting Your General Contractor’s License in Florida

Passing your contractor exam and getting a contractor’s license are the two main requirements you must meet to become a general contractor in Florida. While these requirements can be daunting to many, there are institutions that offer you the help you need to achieve your goal.

How to Become a Licensed Contractor

Before becoming a general contractor, you must first sit for, and pass, a trade and a finance and business exam. Fortunately, there are several available online study courses to help you prepare for these exams, improving your chances of passing.

After passing the contractor exam, the next step is filing for your contractor’s license. This requires you to first meet several requirements. These include:

  • Passing the contractor exam
  • Having four years of documented experience
  • Having a credit report
  • Having a net worth ranging between $2,500 and $20,000
  • Having a minimum of $50,000 property damage and $300,000 bodily injury insurance 

You will also need to take at least 14 hours of general education courses every two years to maintain your contractor’s license.

Getting Your Contractor’s License Has Never Been Easier

While passing the contractor’s exam is something you must do yourself, Contractors Reporting Services (CRS) can help you get your contractor’s license after you pass, handling all the necessary paperwork.

CRS will ensure you have met all the requirements and correctly file your contractor’s license application. Taking you through the entire process, they help make your journey to becoming a licensed contractor both cost and time effective and much more straightforward.

What Services Does CRS Provide?

CRS is conversant with most of the government and contractor licensing documents in Florida. While the amount of paperwork can quickly get frustrating, with CRS, you can achieve the peace of mind you need to stay focused on your construction project. Here are some of the services they offer:

Initial Applications

Their initial application service can help you obtain your general contractor’s license in a timely fashion. They will handle the certification and registration the state requires all general contractors to have.

Additional Entities

The state of Florida requires you to apply under additional business guidelines if you have several licenses and want to qualify a different company with your license or if you have one license and want to qualify a second company.

Change of Status

They will file the application the state requires you to have if you want to perform a license transfer from one company to another, ensuring that you have met the eligibility and requirements necessary for a license transfer.


For those with a license that the state has revoked or placed under a Null and Void Status, CRS can help you file a reinstatement application that meets the necessary guidelines.

Local License Registration and Renewals

The state requires you to register your license and meet all requirements if you are operating, advertising or attempting to get permits in a local municipality. CRS keeps you updated with all the county and state license renewals, ensuring that you comply with all the local codes and state statutes.

Workers Compensation Exemption

While Florida law requires you to obtain coverage for your employees’ compensation, you have the option of filing an election for the state to consider you exempt. CRS can help you determine if you are eligible for workers comp exemption, helping you complete the necessary form.

Why Choose Contractor Reporting Services?

CRS can save you from worrying about navigating the numerous bureaucratic red tape, allowing you to focus solely on your general contractor career. With over fifty years of experience, the company has the needed qualifications and expertise to ensure that you attain and maintain your Florida contractor’s license.

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