How General Contractors in Florida Can Keep Their Workers’ Compensation Exemption Intact

All general contractors in Florida are required to carry workers’ compensation insurance for their employees to cover liabilities in the event of on-the-job injuries. However, there are situations in which an exemption from this requirement may be possible. In this post, we’ll cover the requirements for obtaining this exemption and how to renew it each… Continue reading

Don’t make the biggest mistake that most HVAC new businesses make

Most HVAC new business in Florida focus on building their business correctly to ensure later success. You study hard for the Florida contractor exam, you make sure that your Florida contractor credit report shows that you are financially stable, and you work with a team of advisors for your Florida contractor Corporate/LLC setup. Most contractors… Continue reading

Contractor Corporate Setup Services – Setting up your S-Corp

Beginning your career as a general contractor in the state of Florida can be time consuming, especially when you have to fill out application after application and provide the correct documentation for every requirement. Luckily, with Contractors Reporting Services, you can expedite your application process by letting us handle everything from start to finish. We… Continue reading