Importance of Following Lien Law and Filing the Notice Commencement

Within the construction industry in Florida, deadlines and time frames are strongly enforced which means that general contractors need to have their paperwork in order. It’s also important for keeping the project on track, for example knowing the start date of a project is important, but how does one know the exact date? It’s available… Continue reading

How General Contractors in Florida Can Keep Their Workers’ Compensation Exemption Intact

All general contractors in Florida are required to carry workers’ compensation insurance for their employees to cover liabilities in the event of on-the-job injuries. However, there are situations in which an exemption from this requirement may be possible. In this post, we’ll cover the requirements for obtaining this exemption and how to renew it each… Continue reading

Will a Low Florida Contractor Credit Report Prevent me from Obtaining my Electrician License?

One of the biggest requirements to obtain your electricians license in Florida is to establish financial responsibility. When you send in your application for your contactors license, you must also send in your Florida contractors credit report showing that you are financially responsible. While contractors are required to have a personal credit score of 660… Continue reading

Contractor Corporate LLC Setup Services – What’s the difference between an S-Corp and an LLC?

When working with general contractors who are starting businesses, one of the most common questions we hear is about the difference between an LLC and an S-Corp. At Contractors Reporting Services, we believe in educating our clients to help them make the best decisions for their business future. Our contractor Corporate LLC setup services are… Continue reading