3 Frequently Asked Questions About Filing the Notice of Commencement in Florida

When it comes to the filing of the Notice of Commencement in Florida, there are a number of questions that come up most frequently. For general contractors and subcontractors, it’s important to understand the protection that the NOC offers. And for all involved parties, the Notice of Termination has a critical part to play in… Continue reading

As the Holder of a Contractor’s License in Florida, Why Is It Important to Pull Permits Before Work Is Actually Done?

Although rules and regulations vary per location, as the holder of a contractor’s license in Florida, you know you are required to get a permit for projects that go beyond basic maintenance and repair or straightforward aesthetic boosts. A couple of requirements may seem like a hassle, but regulations are there, typically for safety reasons.… Continue reading

The End of Paper Licenses for Florida General Contractors

A general contractor license is a valuable thing to have when you are pursuing your career goals of working in and on property. For Florida contractors, license requirements mean passing an exam, meeting a list of additional requirements (four years of documented experience in the field, credit report, financial statements, etc.), and then waiting for… Continue reading

How to “grandfather” your Registered Contractors License in Florida

In 2012, Governor Rick Scott signed a bill to extend the time period during which registered contractors license could receive a statewide, certified Florida contractor’s license through a “grandfathering” process. Here are some of the details from the bill to help you better understand what this process entails: House Bill 897, which passed during the… Continue reading