Do I need a Florida Contractor Credit Report for my Electrician License? — Contractors Reporting Services

There are several requirements you must meet before you can obtain your electrician contractors license in Florida such as Florida contractor credit report. Among the many requirements of experience and examination, the most difficult requirement for many people to meet is the Financial Stability requirement. The Financial Stability requirement for general contractors states that you… Continue reading

Credit Reports Florida Contractor and why it is Important to have a Good Credit Score

We’ve discussed the requirements to earn your general contractors license like Credit Reports Florida Contractor in several previous blogs. However, most people still don't know that you are required to produce a personal and commercial (if applicable) FICO credit statement in order to prove financial responsibility before you can receive your general contractor license in Florida. As… Continue reading

What to do if your Florida Contractor Credit Report is Lower than 660

Applying for your Florida general contractor license requires proof of financial stability. At Contractors Reporting Services, we often hear the question, “how important is my credit score in the licensing process?” and what if you have lower Contractor Credit Report. The answer is that your Florida contractor credit report is very important in establishing your… Continue reading