CRM Tools Bring a Competitive Edge to General Contractors

One of the most important keys to success as a general contractor is leveraging technology to multiply efforts, increase efficiencies, and improve communication. The right tools can facilitate general contractor licensing, filing annual reports, keeping the workers' compensation exemption renewed, following lien law, pulling permits, and filing a notice of commencement. The general contractor must… Continue reading

Importance of Following Lien Law and Filing the Notice Commencement

Within the construction industry in Florida, deadlines and time frames are strongly enforced which means that general contractors need to have their paperwork in order. It’s also important for keeping the project on track, for example knowing the start date of a project is important, but how does one know the exact date? It’s available… Continue reading

What Does it Mean for a Florida General Contractor Be Bonded?

Today’s consumers are an educated group, arming themselves with the knowledge of what is available to them and how to get it for the best price, without compromising on quality. But, another factor they consider is how to ensure that they are protected, should anything go wrong with their purchase. That’s why “Free Shipping,” “Free… Continue reading

5 Reasons to Start Carrying Business Cards as a FL Contractor

Some might say that a business card is an antiquated marketing tool, most often used to enter giveaways and contests for office lunches. With the growing popularity of digital conveniences, a paper “calling card” seems like yesterday’s option. However, just because something has been around for decades, doesn’t mean that it is an outdated instrument.… Continue reading

Essential Business Tools for a FL General Contractor – Part 3 of 3

Contractors Reporting Services wants to help you gather the business tools you need to ensure your success after getting your FL Contractors license. Once you’ve completed the first steps by meeting the Florida general contractor license requirements, it is time to focus on building professional relationships and networks to strengthen ties and increase your opportunities for… Continue reading