Types of contractors that can apply for the general contractor license

Florida general contractorA common misconception about the Florida general contractor license is that it is only useful for people who are going into the contractor business to build homes or commercial buildings. Honestly, when most people hear “contractor,” they picture someone with a hardhat building a home.

However, the Florida general contractor license is for more professionals than simply builders. Professionals such as HVAC specialists and electricians must also pass the Florida contractors exam to earn their professional license. Check out what the Houston Chronicle says about which professions require a general contractor license:

For example … contractors who fix work that requires special engineering knowledge are required to obtain a general engineering contractor license. This work is usually water piping, chemical or utility related and involves work near schools, chemical plants or on sewage or water pipelines. To obtain this license, contractors must have an understanding of concrete work, rough and finish carpentry, masonry, electrical and heating, heating, ventilation and air conditioning, or HVAC, work.

For contractors looking to pass the Florida contractor exam, remember to meet the general contractor license requirements before you take the exam. The requirements include proving financial responsibility, which also includes having a FICO credit score of 660 or higher, earning three to five years of experience in your field, and passing the exam.

At Contractors Reporting Services, we can help you prepare for the Florida general contractors exam so you can pass the exam and earn your general contractors license. Our consultants will also make sure that the documented proof that you’ve met each requirement is sent and received at the correct licensing agency. Call us today to schedule your appointment and discuss how our team can help you start your own general contractor business in Florida.

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