Will a Low Florida Contractor Credit Report Prevent me from Obtaining my Electrician License?

contractors credit reportOne of the biggest requirements to obtain your electricians license in Florida is to establish financial responsibility. When you send in your application for your contactors license, you must also send in your Florida contractors credit report showing that you are financially responsible. While contractors are required to have a personal credit score of 660 or higher, electricians do not have to turn in their personal credit score when applying for their license. However, you must prove that you have satisfied all liens or judgments against you (if applicable) before you can obtain your license. Unfortunately, this is the biggest obstacle for many people hoping to earn a Florida contractors license.

One of the most common questions we are asked is, “What does the Florida contractors credit report look at?

The Florida contractors credit report looks at your personal credit score to make sure that you have a 660 or higher FICO score. The reason for this is to determine whether or not you are financially stable. This is not required for electricians, but is required for general contractors in Florida.

Electricians do not have to provide their FICO credit score when applying for their Florida license. However, electricians have to prove their financial responsibility by proving that there are no liens or judgments against them when applying for their electrician’s license.

It can be assumed that when you are starting your electrician business, you will need to take out business loans for equipment, vehicles, and possible employee salaries. If you have a lien or judgment against you, you will not be qualified for business loans.

If you know that you have an unsatisfied lien or judgment against you that will prevent you from earning your electrician’s license, there is still a way to obtain your license and start your electrician’s business.

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