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This is After You Pass, the website for Contractors Reporting Services. We created our business because we know that every building project is intensive enough. Navigating the system of permits and licenses, figuring out contracts—all of these pile work on to any builder or property owner’s already-full plate.

To make understanding what we bring to the table easy, we’ve broken out our different services by section. (Once you’ve gone through the various licensing and permit processes, you’ll understand why we separated out each one).

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All in One Package

Set up of Corporation/LLC, EIN, Tax Election, Consultation, Application Service, Financial Stability Review & Report and Tracking of Application.

Corporation Set Up

Don’t be fooled by other overpriced web sites. Get the personal attention you deserve with our courteous and professional staff.

Initial Application Package

Our Initial Application service helps you obtain this license in a timely manner and avoid costly delays.

Helping builders dot “i”s and cross “t”s since 1965.

You have additions to worry about, logistical, structural issues, scheduling problems—you have enough to keep you busy. And Contractors Reporting Services has been helping the construction industry take care of the paperwork and licensing/approval processes for more than 46 years.

Our track record and variety of happy customers are proof of our know-how. Procedures and approval processes within the various government organizations change all the time. If you’re not up-to-date on how to get things done, you may risks delays and annoying inquiries.

All of which can cost you money. That’s where we come in. You like working with your hands, not pushing paper. With CRS on board, you focus your energy on building. Permits, tax forms, employment documents—those are our specialty.