5 Reasons to Start Carrying Business Cards as a FL Contractor

businesscardSome might say that a business card is an antiquated marketing tool, most often used to enter giveaways and contests for office lunches. With the growing popularity of digital conveniences, a paper “calling card” seems like yesterday’s option. However, just because something has been around for decades, doesn’t mean that it is an outdated instrument. At Contractors Reporting Services, we strive to stay up-to-date with what is relevant to the construction industry so that we are equipped to help you succeed in your new business. Although our focus is on licensing and industry business services, such as FL contractors license requirements, renewals and corporation set-ups, we never forget that there are many other ways we can provide assistance. Where many people have flocked to an exclusively digital footprint, we would argue that a tangible, business card is more than just a piece of paper. It serves as a handheld representation of you, your work and your personality. If you’re still not convinced, here are five reasons you should have at least a few business cards with you at all times:

  1. They’re Inexpensive

The priciest business cards, printed on heavy stock with an embossed finish, are still cheaper than a newspaper, radio or TV advertisement. But, unlike media marketing that yields ambiguous outcomes, business cards are used in your targeted audience, so you can manage your cost margin. Plus, today’s business cards come in almost any design you can imagine. And with online companies offering 500 cards for under $10, even the tightest budget, can likely squeak out the cost for a modest supply.

  1. They’re Handy

You never know when opportunity will knock. You might overhear someone talking about needing a pool contractor while standing at the gas pump, or get into a conversation at the ball field about renovating an historic home. These are perfect occasions to whip out a card that says, “This is what I do! I’m a professional and I can help you.”

Not good at Thank You notes? Use your business card to jot down a few short words of thanks to a barber, waiter or store clerk. Talk about a handy way to kill two birds with one stone. Or, maybe you’re meeting with a prospective client that needs a quote. Write the key information on the back of your card and they will be far more likely to put it somewhere they will remember. They might not need your services right now, but they will have your information handy and accessible when the time is right.

  1. They Symbolize Professionalism

Sometimes there is a stigma attached to the “self-employed” classification. Carrying business cards makes the statement that “I take what I do seriously and I’m investing money in marketing myself.” It also adds an element of professional credibility to your contracting business, discounting the notion that you don’t have a “real” job because you don’t punch a clock. In addition, it conveys that your services are valuable enough to warrant a business card and you are ready when the expected need arises. Having a business card to give out says, “I’m always looking to make new contacts and serve new clients.”

  1. They’re a Social Aid

Whether you’re at a trade show, professional conference, or a social event, it can be awkward to just start chatting to the person next to you. Plus, many people struggle with remembering names, so offering a business card presents a visual aid and provides an opening to strike up a conversation and introduce yourself.

  1. They Provide a Personal Touch

In today’s digital age where interactions are free from personality, your card provides a way for people to get a sense of who you are as a business owner. From the font, to the color scheme, to the design and the weight, each characteristic of your business card says something about you. When you are intentional about attaching a card to your invoices or statements, that extra step will serve as a reminder of your work and interactions with your clients. Your business card will act as a visual reminder to people, prompting them to recall your communication and that is just not likely with a stored number on a cell phone.

At Contractors Reporting Services, we have been helping contractors dot “i”s and cross “t”s since 1965. If you have questions about obtaining a FL Contractors License, license renewal, corporation set-up or anything else related to the industry, please give us a call. We are here to help you.


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