8 Different Licensing Services That You Might Need as a Florida General Contractor

Once a contractor has passed the state exam, there are a number of licenses and reports that they will be required to hold in order to work as a general contractor in Florida. There are also several that may become necessary under certain circumstances. Eight important licensing and reporting requirements include initial applications, change of status, state and county registration, additional business licensing, license reinstatements, financial stability reports and works comp exemptions.

Initial Applications (Including Certification and Registration)

Once a contractor has passed their State exam, they will need to provide trade-specific information. As these requirements vary from trade to trade, using a specialized application service can save time and money as delays have a direct impact on a contractor’s ability to work.

Change of Status (Also Known as a Transfer)

In the event of a contractor moving from one company to another, there are licensing implications. The State requires that a contractor files an application and meets specific requirements to be eligible to transfer. This process can be time-consuming as there are often delays.

County and State Registration

Once contractors have passed the state county exam, they are required to obtain a State Registration as well as a Certificate of Competency (also referred to as a county registration) in order to operate as a general contractor in Florida.

Registration and Renewal of Licenses

Registering your license is a requirement if you are working, wanting to obtain permits or advertising in a local municipality. Keeping up to date with State and County license renewals allows a general contractor to remain in compliance with Local Codes and State Statutes.

Additional Business Guidelines

The process of applying for the qualification of additional businesses can be convoluted and confusing. This process is for general contractors that hold a single license and want to qualify a second company, or for contractors who hold multiple licenses and are looking to qualify a separate company using one of the licenses.

License Reinstatement

In certain situations, a contractor’s license may be revoked or place on Null and Void Status. In cases like these, a contractor would apply to the State to have the license reinstated under the Reinstatement Guidelines. This time-consuming process can be frustrating for those that are unfamiliar with the requirements.

Financial Stability Review & Report

The Business Financial Stability Review & Report checks against public records at County, State, and Federal levels and are accepted and approved by the State as well as the local county or municipality. Using a service such as Contractors Reporting Services, contractors in Florida can have the report back within one business day.

Workers Compensation Exemption

A worker’s compensation exemption is for an officer of a corporation or a member of a limited liability company who wishes to be exempted from worker’s compensation. If a general contractor is granted a Certificate of Election to be exempted, they will not be able to claim benefits. In order to be exempted, there is a form that must be completed, and specific requirements need to be met.

Get Assistance with Licence Applications

If you need help with your license applications, Contractors Reporting Services in Tampa, Florida offers reliable results. Our in-depth understanding of the requirements for each license will help relieve frustration and confusion.

Regardless of whether you need financial reports, licensing or business services, we’re confident that we can help you tackle your admin. Procedures and requirements change regularly, staying on top of what is required can be time-consuming and frustrating. Our goal is to offer our clients peace of mind by taking care of paperwork and licensing processes so that they can focus on building.