Consulting Services for your General Contractor License in Florida

general contractor licenseWhen you begin your career as a general contractor license in Florida, it is important to build your business on a solid foundation. There are several forms of paperwork and business logistics that are required to create a successful and efficiently operating contractor business in Florida. Most contractors have difficulty finding the time to balance the logistical decisions with the actual building projects themselves.

At Contractors Reporting Services, our goal is to help people achieve their dream of becoming a successful general contractor in the state of Florida. Our services don’t end after you obtain your Florida General Contractor license. On the contrary, our services only begin there. We have a highly trained and specialized staff that is ready to help you through the process of creating your contractor company and also stay on board as a consultant for any business decisions you approach.

We’ve been helping contractors in Florida since 1965, so we are well versed in the legal and construction portion of owning your own contractor business. After we help you through the requirements to obtain your general contractors license, we will sit down and discuss with you the options for your general contractor business. Our goal is to help guide you through the professional decisions that will shape your career, such as whether or not to invest in a new project or what to do about a staffing issue. Our knowledge and experience will work to benefit you and make sure that you are making wise choices as you build your foundation for success.

Build your business on solid ground

When you allow our staff at Contractors Reporting Services to help you build your career as a general contractor, you are ensuring that your business will be built on a solid foundation. As a contractor, you understand the importance of making a blueprint for your design and then building from the ground up. We apply that same concept to building your business. When you first walk into Contractors Reporting Services, we will create a blueprint of your career path with you to make sure that we are working toward the same goals.

One of the first services we offer is an application service for your Florida general contractor license. We offer resources to help you study for the test and we explain the requirements to obtain your general contractor license in Florida.

After you meet the Florida contractors license requirements and you receive your contractors license, we will help you create a plan for how you want to build your business. We offer LLC and Corporate Setup services to help you find the business plan that fits your needs.

Once you decide on the right foundation for your business, we help you build your career by offering advice on projects and logistical business concerns. We make sure that you are moving in the right direction throughout your career path.

Where to begin

The first place to begin in your career as a general contractor is to obtain your general contractors license in the state of Florida. You must pass the exam (we have study resources to help you), and then complete the application to obtain your license. There are additional requirements to earn your contractors license in Florida, such as providing proof of financial responsibility, carrying adequate insurance limits, and providing a FICO credit score. All of these requirements are listed in detail in our previous blog post.

If you are ready to start planning the blueprint to your career as a general contractor in Florida, call our office and schedule an appointment with one of our consultants.

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