Don’t make the biggest mistake that most HVAC new businesses make

hvac new businessMost HVAC new business in Florida focus on building their business correctly to ensure later success. You study hard for the Florida contractor exam, you make sure that your Florida contractor credit report shows that you are financially stable, and you work with a team of advisors for your Florida contractor Corporate/LLC setup.

Most contractors think that making the decision between incorporating the new HVAC new business or going the route of an LLC is the hardest decision they will have to face. However, you can make that decision with a team of advisors. Our Florida contractor corporate/LLC setup services can help advise you on the best path to take to reach your future business goals. We can set you up on the proper foundation, but you have to avoid this one big pitfall to actually reach the business goals you have laid out:

Trying to be the lowest bidder (source)

The race to the bottom results in everyone being a loser. The ones who don’t get the contract lose. The one who gets the contract can’t do the work properly because they have to scrimp on labor and materials. And the homeowner loses because, as the saying goes, you get what you pay for.

When contractors try to get low-bid work, they have to keep all their costs as low as possible. They hire poorly trained techs and then don’t do enough—or anything—to get them trained properly and keep them updated. They use equipment that won’t last. They do the least work they possibly can on the distribution system.

This is no way to run a business. Because there are so many companies willing to do this, though, there will always be room for smart contractors to come in and do things right.

At Contractors Reporting Services, we have a team of skilled advisors who can walk you through the process of establishing your HVAC business. We offer Florida contractor corporate/LLC setup services to make sure that the foundation to your business is solid. We will even advise you along the way to reaching your business goals to ensure that you don’t fall into the most common mistake HVAC contractors make: bidding too low on a job.

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