Florida Contractor Credit Report – Establishing Financial Responsibility

contractor credit report floridaEarning your general contractor’s license in the state of Florida is more than simply passing the written exam. In addition to proving your knowledge in the field, you must also prove that you have the knowledge and financial means to make your business a success. At Contractors Reporting Services, we want to help make sure that you have everything in place to gain your license and establish yourself as a successful general contractor in Florida. In order to accomplish this, we help you to submit all of the required documentation to receive your contractors license, including your contractor credit report Florida.

Your Florida contractor credit report shows your financial stability – a requirement for earning your general contractors license. The state wants to be sure that you have never filed bankruptcy, been sued, or had any credit defaults. The Florida contractor credit report also searches your public records to show any arrests or warrants before approving your general contractors license.

Additionally, when your Florida contractor credit score is reviewed, you must have over a FICO score of 660 in order to be deemed “financially responsible.” However, if you have a score under 660, you can take other routes to still receive your general contractors license. The Florida General Contractor Exam Prep explains some of the options available to contractors with a FICO score of less that 660:

If an applicant has a FICO credit score lower than 660, he/she will be requested to provide a licensing bond or letter of credit to obtain licensure. Please review the Department’s Financial Responsibility and Stability website for additional information on the Board’s requirements. The amount of the licensing bond or letter of credit is based on the type of license requested: $20,000 for Division I contractors and $10,000 for Division II contractors.

If you are interested in learning more about the requirements for your contractor credit report Florida, please contact our office. We are ready to help you through the process of earning your Florida general contractor license.


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