How to Get Your Customers to Say “Yes” – Part 1

contrator-license-flContractors Reporting Services is here to help with everything you need to obtain and maintain your contractors license FL; but our work doesn’t end there. We want you to be successful in growing your contracting business and your customers are the first and fastest way to get it off the ground. But finding customers is only part of the process. Once you’ve found them, you need to have the tools to convince them that you are their best option for the job they are sourcing. We’ve put together a few tips on how to get those customers to say “yes” and cement the success of your business.

  1. Be Transparent. You took the test, met the requirements and now you have a contractor’s license FL. That means you have a license number that proves to the world that you are qualified to do the work you are proposing. Why not post that number on every marketing tool you use? It makes the statement that you aren’t afraid of accountability and you have nothing to hide. Today’s consumers work to educate themselves and they are far more likely to respect and trust someone that is willing to be transparent. Along these lines, it is also a good idea to provide proof of your general liability insurance. Again, most consumers already expect you to have it so you will put their mind at ease by eliminating the question before they can even ask it.

  2. Set up Your “Storefront”. You may not intend to spend much time in an office, but you will still need a business address (a P.O. Box won’t suffice) at which you can receive mail, accept phone calls, etc. Your physical address should appear on all of your marketing materials (i.e. business cards, letterhead, website) and it will also rank you in local search engine queries. If you aren’t prepared to pay rent on an office space or hire an assistant, there are budget-friendly options such as Google voice (which provides a “business” number that will ring to any phone you choose, and all voicemails are transcribed to email form so you can catch up when your schedule allows) and virtual assistants that provide office support when you need it, as opposed to hiring someone on your payroll. With a little bit of research, you are sure to find a solution that fits your need. The appearance of a “brick & mortar” office speaks to an established operator, as opposed to a newbie that works out of a van.

  3. Do a Great Job and Ask for Referrals. You may be just starting out on your own, but you had to have four years of prior experience in order to obtain your license, so you have a few referrals under your belt already. Use them. Ask your satisfied customers to write a reference and see if they would be willing for you to share their number with prospective clients. Keep a running list of recent references and include a printed copy in your marketing materials. As your business grows, ask every client to leave you an online review (and make sure they can do it easily) so that future customers can see how great you are. Satisfied customers are your #1 marketing tool and their referrals will unlock unlimited business.

  4. Be Professional, but more importantly, Be Nice. Interpersonal skills are becoming a lost art, so you might surprise a prospective client when you take the time to answer their questions with patience and kindness. Many projects could require you to spend quite a bit of time inside a customer’s home or workplace, and they want to know that you are trustworthy and committed to completing their job to the best of your ability and to their complete satisfaction. The best way to accomplish that is to listen to what they want and be very honest and upfront about what they can expect from you. Then deliver on your word.

Check back soon for Part 2 of How to Get Your Customers to Say “Yes”. At Contractors Reporting Services, we have all the information to help you learn how to have contractors license FL. We can assist in all aspects of the process including obtaining your license, setting up your corporation, maintaining and/or renewing your license, annual reports and more. We want to see you succeed and can give you the tools to make it happen. 

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