How to Earn the Trust of your New Clients as a General Contractor in Florida

general contractor in floridaFollowing the rules and requirements for building your general contractor in Florida will only get you so far. You can’t have a successful business if you have no customers. You have spent time and effort obtaining your Florida contractors license. After you have earned your general contractors license in FL and you have established your LLC, you need to focus on earning the trust of clients so your business can grow.

We’re not saying it’s not important to build a solid foundation for your contractor business. You must earn your contractors license in Florida by passing the state exam and meeting the requirements for your FL contractors license. After you’ve established your business, you must go out and seek clients before you can find success.

Here are three tips on how to earn the trust of new clients:

  1. Network, Network, Network
    You might feel like networking is a waste of time because you would rather be building, but trust us when we say that networking will be your biggest method of marketing your business to potential clients. People do business with someone they know, like, and trust. Networking allows you the opportunity to tell them more about yourself than simply, “I have a general contractors license in Florida, so I can build your ______.” Networking events allow you the opportunity to let people get to know you and trust you as a person by you showing your integrity and knowledge of your trade.
  2. Hire People who can Empower You and Your Business
    If you have a desire to have a successful general contractors business in Florida by earning the trust of others, you need to hire people with the same mentality. Make sure they have already earned their contractors license in Florida. The best option is to hire someone who already has an established reputation of trust in the community.

At Contractors Reporting Services, we help people build successful general contractors companies in Florida. We specialize in general contractors, electricians, HVAC specialists, and other licensed general contractor in Florida. If you need help applying for your contractors license or need advise on how to build a successful business, please give us a call.

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