How to Renew your General Contractors License in Florida

You should  renew Florida general contractors license when pursuing a career as a general contractor in the state of Florida, sometimes getting licensed is not the hardest part. Florida construction is expanding at a rapid rate, which will leave most contractors with a full schedule of projects at the end of the day.

Florida is a great place to build a career as a general contractor. However, it’s also a place to keep your schedule busy. That is why we created Contractors Reporting Services. Our experienced staff steps in when your construction schedule is filled to take off the unnecessary burden of paper work and bureaucratic licensing issues.

One of the biggest struggles we see occurs at the two-year license renewal. Usually about two years into business, general contractors are in the depths of large projects, and their sole focus is on completing the project with quality and efficiency. We understand that. After all, quality and efficiency are the qualities that will make you stand out as a great general contractor in Florida.

However, in the midst of the projects and busy schedules, many contractors forget to renew their license. We don’t want that to happen to you. Our team has created a layout of how to renew Florida general contractors license, and what requirements need to be met in order to keep your license active. The worst thing that could happen would be to have your general contractors license suspended in the middle of a huge project. Let us help you avoid that catastrophe by offering our guidelines and services to help you renew your general contractors license in Florida.

Renewing General Contractor License in FL

Your general contractors license in FL is up for renewal every two years. You will receive a letter 31 days before your date of renewal, with information about payments and requirements to keep your license active.

There are five sections of information that you must complete in order to renew your general contractor license in Florida: personal information, address changes, email, business information, and payment. Failure to complete any of these sections with accurate information will prevent your general contractor license from being renewed.

After you complete the mailed form, you must include a few pieces of information about your business. According to Broward County in Fl, you must include the following pieces of information in order to renew your general contractors license:

  • You must submit proof that your company maintains an active status with the Florida Division of Corporations
  • A copy of your state registration (if applicable)
  • Certificates showing completion of required hours of continuing education
    • State: submit as required with state registration
    • General, Specialty, and Engineering Contractors: four hours of continuing education, including Chapter 9 Broward County Code Review
    • Inactive: continuing education not required
  • Certificates of Workers’ Compensation Insurance or state waiver

In order to qualify a business, you must submit proof of Insurance with minimum coverage of $300,000 for public liability and $50,000 for property damage. The certificates must be issued in the name of the applicant and include the name(s) of qualifying agent(s). Certificate holder on the Certificate of Liability must read:

Environmental Licensing and Building Permitting Division
1 . University Dr, Box 302
Plantation, FL 33324

At Contractors Reporting Services, we want to make your job as a general contractor in Florida just a little easier. We offer complete licensing services that will help you keep your license and your career active in Florida. We keep up with your continuing education credits and your approaching renewal deadlines. When it comes time to renew your license, we take care of the paper work so you don’t have to break momentum on your projects.

If you have any questions about our services on how to renew Florida General Contractors License, please contact us at:

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