What You Need to Know about Applying for a Contractor’s License: The Basics

First of all, you should do some research into the laws your state has regarding applying for and getting a contractor’s license. The contractor’s licensing laws vary from state to state, so the first step you ought to take is to contact the Contractors’ Licensing Board to find out what your state requires. In some states, a contractor’s license is not a requirement. Also bear in mind that because each state has its own licensing laws, if you move states, you have to go through the process of obtaining a license once again. There are reciprocity agreements between some states, so check if the state you are thinking of going to has such an agreement with the one you got your license in.

After you have ascertained what kind of license your state requires you to have, you can contact that state’s Contractor’s Licensing Board and set a date to take the exam. In most of the states that ask contractors to have a license, you will probably need to pay tuition before you take the contractor’s licensing exam. There is a lot of reading and preparation to do for an exam, so the sooner you start it, the better.

In some states, but by no means all, you have to pass two exams, one is a trade exam and the other a business and law exam. You might be asked to sit more exams to get your contractor’s license, depending on your state’s requirements. Depending on your state and your business needs, you may have to take several exams.

Make sure that before you sit the exams you have the documentation needed that demonstrates your experience. Without it your application for the contractor’s license will probably be rejected.

You should really register to sit the exam yourself, becauseif you turn up for the exam and find out that you have not been registered for one reason or another, you will have wasted valuable time and money.

Whatever trade you are in, you should, as a minimum requirement, have one code book relevant to your trade. However, the more you read, the better the chances of passing the exam. There are a many books and material-specific study guides that you can read to help you in your studies. Also check out available seminars and classes that will help you with your area of work.There are training courseson the internet as well, and these may be very helpful.

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