What You Need to Obtain a Florida Contractor’s License

If you are planning to move to Florida, you may need to renew your contractor’s license when you arrive. If your state has different requirements for a contractor’s license, you will need to retake the licensing exam. In order to work in Florida, you need to pass two exams, one in business and finance and the other in your specific trade.

Get Proper Documentation form Your Home State Before Leaving

You have to have documentation that shows that you have a minimum of four years’ experience in your specific trade.  Apart from this, you will need further documentation such as a credit report and a financial statement, such as an up to date bank statement, which shows that you have a net worth of between $2,500 and $20,000, depending on your type of employment. You also have to be certified by the Construction Industry Licensing Board before beginning to work. These documents may be easier to obtain while you’re already in your home state, so if you haven’t left yet or if you need to go back soon to tie up other loose ends, it’s best to gather everything you need while you have a chance to do it more easily.

Adequate Insurance is a Basic Requirement

If you pass your exams, you will need general liability insurance in order to operate in Florida.  The minimum amount of coverage required for physical injury is $300,000 and in addition you will need added coverage of $50,000 for damage to property. Although this is standard practice for anywhere in the country, the required coverage may differ from where you’re originally from, or wherever you were licenced previously.

Work Experience Must Be Documented

There are Licensed General Contractors, Registered Contractors, and Certified Contractors operating all over the US. But in order to become a licensed general contractor in Florida, you have to have four years minimum experience of either working as a building contractor, or of working for a general contractor, not necessarily in Florida, and you have to have documentation to prove it. Alternatively, if you have been to a college, this can help in terms of documentation. You may also have to pass a criminal background check. A licensed contractor has to get a minimum of 70 percent in the licensing exam.

Becoming a registered contractor is a different process. You have to get a Florida contractor’s license and then register with your state, take out liability insurance, and make sure that you meet other state requirements.

You can also choose to become a certified contractor. If you want to specialise in constructing green buildings, you can get certification in this area. These kinds of certifications require industry specific knowledge that would best be taught by a professional rather than trying to learn on your own. Contractors Reporting Services can offer you personalized learning that will prepare you for the exams you need to take in the best way possible.

Whatever help and information you need to reach your goal of becoming a contractor and obtaining a Florida contractor’s license, contact us, and build a better future for you and your loved ones.