Newsletters – How To Make This Business Tool Work for You as a General Contractor – Part 2

Being a General Contractor licensed in Florida, you already understand the importance of building relationships and working hard to maintain them. Keeping your clients happy over the course of a project is vitally important, but showing them that you care even after the job is over, will do wonders for maintaining that positive relationship. In Part 1 of this segment, we talked about why a company newsletter will work to your benefit in keeping in touch with your customer base, as well as the different types of information you can provide to keep your newsletter interesting and relative. In this portion, we will touch on frequency, how to get your clients connected and some logistical aids to streamline the process.

Contractors Reporting Services is here to help you get your Florida contractors license and start your business on firm footing. Our specialized areas of focus include state licensing/renewal requirements (application services), financial stability review and reports, Corporation/LLC set up, transfers / change of status and annual reports. Just as we offer assistance in establishing the framework for your business, we also work to offer helpful information in setting you up for success. Take a look at these additional points as you evaluate whether or not a company newsletter is right for you.

How Often Should You Send it Out

In the contracting business, your clients’ needs are less frequent, so a weekly newsletter might be a bit burdensome. Setting up a monthly or bi-monthly schedule is a practical approach to staying in touch with your customer and lowers the risk of them disconnecting or “unsubscribing”.  Which brings us to the next point.

Invite Clients to Subscribe

Once you’ve determined your content and schedule, you will need to gather an e-mail list. If you have your clients’ email addresses, the most direct way to invite them to subscribe to your newsletter is via email. If there are clients for which you have no email address, you can use a pre-stamped/addressed post card and drop it in the mail. Create a brief note describing your newsletter, what types of information will be included and ask them if they would like to be included. Most people want to be “in the know” without feeling “trapped” so make your invitation enticing, while also letting them know that they can opt out if they change their mind. This way, they can simply hit reply or return the postcard if they would like to be added to the list. You might also want to add a footnote explaining that their personal information will not be sold or shared with any third party.

Utilize a Newsletter Mailing Service

Sending a scheduled newsletter is far less labor intensive if you sign up and use a mailing service. There are many online options that offer services from newsletter composition to newsletter mailings to mailing list management. Generally, the process will entail the inputting of your subscriber list into their system and setting your emailing schedule. By subscribing to the online mailing service, you free yourself from the responsibility of adding and deleting new signups from a website link or those that wish to unsubscribe, although you are still able to edit the list as you choose.

Plan Content for Each Newsletter

Once all of the logistics are taken care of, you are free to plan out the content for each edition of the newsletter. This can be done for the entire year, in quarterly increments, or just a few months at a time. If you get “writer’s block”, try to think about what might be happening during the month your newsletter will be received. New Year’s resolutions for the home, Spring cleaning tips, rainy season home maintenance, pool maintenance recommendations, cold weather consideration, etc. Being that you are immersed in the industry, you are keenly aware of the most consistent issues your clients regularly face and who could be better suited to offer solutions? Use those solutions as the base of your newsletter; add in a few helpful tips, maybe some fun trivia and/or statistics and a reminder for the clients to give you a call when they need your help. If you are intentional about providing useful, relative information according to your client base, your efforts will not be in vain.

Staying connected is what will keep you and your company name in the forefront of a client’s mind and being purposeful about providing an unexpected service will come back to you tenfold. Now that we’ve covered the Why, What, When and How, in regards to your company newsletter, the only question left to ask is “Why not?” At Contractors Reporting Services, we work hard to help you get your Florida General Contractors license and lay a solid foundation for your future success. If you have any questions or need assistance, please don’t hesitate to give us a call.


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