Electronic Fingerprinting Technology for Florida General Contractors

Contractors Reporting Services, a service that assists general contractors with Florida contractors license requirements, strives to provide the best and most comprehensive services that contractors need to conduct business, including permits, licenses, and employment documentation. Technology is essential to the construction industry, and one technological application is fingerprinting. The demand for fingerprinting is expanding, so Contractors Reporting Services offers clients multiple strategies to obtain the fingerprinting services needed to expedite the business processes necessary to move projects forward.

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Fingerprinting Required for General Contracting License

The State of Florida requires the completion of a live scan Level 2 background check before an individual can apply for licensing and obtain a license from the Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation (DBPR). Fingerprinting is required for this background check.

Live Scan Technology

Live Scan is an inkless, electronic technology for capturing fingerprints in a digitized format and then transmitting the fingerprints to a state database such as the FDLE (Florida Department of Law Enforcement) or the FBI. Traditionally, fingerprinting involved applying ink to each finger then rolling the inked fingers across a fingerprint card to obtain the prints. In contrast, the electronic method only needs for fingerprints to be rolled across a glass plate and scanned. Electronic fingerprinting eliminates the need for ink or a card and is faster and cleaner than the traditional method. This modern method reduces the likelihood of illegible fingerprints and reduces the overall application processing time to about ten minutes or less.


Anyone seeking to take the general contractor exam or seeking to obtain any license that requires fingerprinting should secure the services at least five business days prior to when the prints are needed to allow for processing.

Two Forms of Identification Needed

All applicants are required to bring two forms of identification to the electronic fingerprinting site on the day of the scheduled fingerprinting. One of the types of identification must have the applicant’s picture and signature; a driver’s license, state identification card, or passport would fulfill this requirement. Applicants may not be fingerprinted without proper identification. The electronic fingerprinting service provider will further clarify what is needed when scheduling an appointment.


Fingerprinting is not just for crime scenes and background checks. The technology is used in a variety of sectors, including:

  • Academia and Admissions
  • Financial and Related Services
  • Health Care
  • Information Technology (IT)
  • Military
  • State Occupational Licensing


Since fingerprint identification is almost impossible to counterfeit, the technology finds wide application across many sectors. Practical applications to general contracting include:

  • General contractors licensing exam
  • New employee background checks
  • Biometric security for access to certain projects
  • Workers and technicians traveling on behalf of the company

Broad applications include:

  • Identity Authentication
  • Identity Validation
  • Biometric Security: Grant or deny access to a secure area
  • Criminal Booking
  • Sexual Offender Registration
  • Civil Applicant
  • Background Checks: Character authentication for certain employment sectors or fiduciary responsibilities
  • Admission to Testing Centers

Fingerprinting Service Provider Solutions

Two fingerprinting solutions offered on the Resource Page at Contractors Reporting Services are FieldPrint and Pearson Vue.


FieldPrint combines expertise with innovative technology to deliver electronic fingerprinting and identity management services to private companies, the general public, and the federal, state, local, and tribal government sectors. Founded in 2006, FieldPrint is the leading provider of nationwide electronic fingerprinting and other remote identity management services. With over 1,300 remote livescan sites and over a decade of experience, FieldPrint is a reliable fingerprinting solution with a demonstrated track record of performance and quality customer service. They walk applicants through the entire process to ensure efficiency and best results. Click on the purple appointment tab on the website to schedule an appointment and start the “simple, safe, secure” fingerprinting process.

Pearson Vue

Pearson Vue provides fingerprinting solutions. To schedule a new appointment, visit the website and click the green schedule button. The representative will ask for the information needed to schedule an appointment and start the process.


Contractors Reporting Services is committed to providing the services general contractors need so their focus can be on building and construction rather than permitting, licensing, documentation, and fingerprinting. The company has over fifty years of experience helping Florida contractors of all types navigate the nuances and typical challenges associated with licensing, incorporation, renewals, annual reporting, credit reports, bonds, and more.

Contractors Reporting Services has been helping the construction industry take care of the paperwork and licensing and approval processes for fifty years. Procedures and approval processes within the various government organizations change. Failure to stay current risks delays. Contractors Reporting Services manages permits, tax documents, and employment documents so that the general contractor can focus on building.

For more information about reporting services and general contractor license assistance, visit the Contractors Reporting Services website at activatemylicense.com. Contact the office by phone at (813) 932-5244 or by email at info@activatemylicense.com.