When to Enlist the Services of a Qualified Expert Subcontractor

What is the role of a subcontractor in Florida?

As a general contractor in Florida, you may be overseeing a larger-scale construction project, a renovation or even a residential remodel, but it’s possible that there are tasks that you do not have the expertise or necessary skills to complete. If this is the case, your first thought should be to enlist the services of a qualified expert subcontractor.

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Subcontractors are brought onto a project to help with the completion of a specific task. Here’s what you need to know:

What is a subcontractor?

A general contractor in Florida or the project manager will hire a subcontractor to help with a specialized area of a construction project. They will offer their skills and expertise which may be necessary to complete the job. The benefits of hiring a subcontractor include getting the job done quicker as “more hands make light work”, but also because they are specialists at their specific tasks. This will help ensure that you meet any deadlines or project milestones. Also, because of their higher skill level and the fact that you have hired them to complete a specific task, they will complete it with excellent attention to detail and will complete the work to a high-quality standard.

Types of subcontractors that a general contractor or project manager will hire include:

  • Plumbers
  • Roofers
  • Framers
  • Carpenters
  • Electricians

Each of these subcontractors focuses on a single specific area of a construction project that requires their expertise, allowing them to further specialize in that role.

What role does a subcontractor play on a construction project?

Particularly for larger construction projects, the role of a subcontractor is vital. There are likely to be a number of tasks happening simultaneously so a general contractor will need to subcontract different tasks to move different areas of the project closer to completion. 

The subcontractor’s primary focus is to complete the job to which he or she has been assigned and to support the general contractor in getting that particular part of the job done within the set deadlines. The approach of subcontracting certain areas of the project means that the general contractor has greater assurance that the work is being handled by a skilled professional and that various projects are happening simultaneously so that construction stays on schedule.

What is the best way to choose a subcontractor?

A good reputation and a strong track record are the most important considerations when selecting a subcontractor as the general contractor needs to be able to trust the subcontractor to deliver a high standard of work. The prospective subcontractor will, therefore, need to provide examples of previous projects that have been completed successfully as well as sharing references of clients who have been satisfied with the work done. This gives general contractors peace of mind knowing that there won’t be any issues with inspections or possible delays in completion times. 

Once a few subcontractors have been short-listed, the general contractor will compare the bids. It will be important to choose a bid that is cost-effective, without compromising on the level of quality. For many general contractors and subcontractors, if they work together well on a project, it’s likely that they will call upon those contractors for future projects, forming a long-term professional relationship.

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As with all areas of construction, there is a lot of documentation that the general contractor will need to have in place before hiring a subcontractor. Contractor’s Reporting Services in Tampa, Fl, offers back-office services designed to take care of the paperwork so their clients can get on with the business of construction and building in Florida.