Licensing Services

State Application Services – (Construction & Electrical)

You focus on the project. We’ll handle the red tape.

Don’t let that pile of paperwork get you down. We’ve looked over and filled out pretty much every type of licensing and government document they issue, so one thing our customers appreciate is the peace of mind CRS brings. Check out the list below. We focus on these so our customers get back to building.

Initial Applications (Certification & Registration)

After passing your State exam, you need to provide specific application information for that trade. Our Initial Application service helps you obtain this license in a timely manner and avoid costly delays. If time is money, this service saves you BOTH.

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Transfer / Change of Status

If you are removing or transfer your license from one company to another, you are required to file an application and meet certain requirements & eligibility for license transfer. This process can be very annoying—which is why we’re here. Contact us with questions.

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Any contractor that has passed a state county exam will still be required to obtain both a county registration (a/k/a Certificate of Competency) as well as a State Registration. This process can be very frustrating and confusing. Contact our office staff today with any questions

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Local License Registration & Renewals

If you are advertising, operating or trying to obtain permits in any local municipality, you are required to register your license. You are also required to meet and maintain all requirements as long as you are advertising, operating or trying to obtain permits in the local municipality. We can assist in keeping you up to date with the State and County license renewals. This valuable service will keep you in compliance with State Statuettes and Local Code.

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Additional Entities

If you hold one license and wish to qualify a second company, or if you hold multiple licenses and wish to qualify a separate company with any of your licenses, you will be required to apply under additional business guidelines—which can be frustrating and confusing. Contact us to talk further.

For CILB Applicants And For ECLB Applicants


If your license has been revoked or placed on a Null & Void Status, you would apply with the state under the Reinstatement guidelines. Needless to say, it can get aggravating. Contact our office staff today with any questions.

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Financial Stability Review & Report

Personal ” Business Financial Stability Review & Report that include public records checks at the County, State and Federal levels. These reports are approved and accepted by the State as well as the local County or City municipalities. We complete reports within next business day of receiving.

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Workers Comp Exemption

Under Florida Law, if you operate in the construction industry you need one to obtain either coverage for workers compensation or you must file an election to considered exempt. To obtain the exemption, a form must be completed and you must meet the requirements. Contact our office today to see if you meet the eligibility for exemption.

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