Steps for getting an HVAC license in Florida

hvac licenseEarning your HVAC license in Florida to become an professional takes hard work, dedication, and the right guidance. It’s easy to want to be a one-man show, but when it comes to business, it’s better to delegate your weaknesses to others so you can focus on your strengths.

When it comes to understanding the requirements for Florida’s HVAC license and the resources needed to start a successful HVAC business, we are your experts. Our team of skilled professionals can guide you through how to get your Florida contractors license so you can start your own HVAC company.

The first step to getting your HVAC license in Florida is to have years of experience. Most licensing requirements need three to five years of experience or apprenticeship in order to qualify for the contractors license. If you have not started on your HVAC experience, we strongly advise that you start now. There are even apprenticeship schools you can attend to be educated about the HVAC trade. Some of these schools even teach you some pointers on how to form your own business.

As you are earning your HVAC experience, you should be studying for the general contractors exam. In order to havea licensed contractor, you must pass the general contractors exam.

Here is what the Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation says about the Florida HVAC exam:

Application requirements for HVAC license:

  •  AGE: An individual applying for the certification examination must be at least 18 years of age.
  • FEE: Pay the required fee as provided in the application. Make check payable to the Department of Business and Professional Regulation. Military veterans, their spouses and Florida National Guard members may be eligible for a fee waiver, fee reimbursement, and/or fee discount. Please visit our DBPR Military Services page for more information.
  • DEFINITIONS: Multiple license types are available in this licensure category. For a complete listing of each license type and a description of each, you may view a term glossary on our website.
  • EXAMINATION: For information regarding the examination, please review the candidate information booklet.
  • ONLINE APPLICATION: To apply online, visit the testing vendor’s website at
  • MORE INFORMATION: Learn more about this profession’s application requirements (use the back button or arrow to return to this page).

At Contractor Reporting Service, we can help guide you through the requirements to earn your HVAC or general contractor license in Florida. Call us today to schedule an appointment with one of our licensing consultants.

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