Using LinkedIn to Get Your Contracting Business on the Professional Social Media Map

After you obtain your general contractor license in Florida, you’re going to want to bring in clients and start working. However, the biggest issue for most new contractors isn’t doing the work, but rather finding work. A great resource to use is establishing an active profile on LinkedIn. The website connects job-seekers with employers, and serves as a social media for the business world. LinkedIn is a perfect resource for Contractors to use, because potential clients search the site when they need to hire someone to handle a project for them.

Contractors Reporting Services has been helping contractors meet their Florida contractor license requirements for over 50 years. Whether you are just starting out and preparing to take your exam, gathering your credit report, background check and insurance information, or you are in need of a license renewal, we have the expertise to help the process run smoothly and quickly to get you out there doing the work you love. But while we offer logistical assistance in licensing and business services, we also recognize the need for practical tips to help business owners get started and build lasting relationships with customers, keeping communication timely and professional. Along that line, here are some tips on how to build your business through your profile on LinkedIn:

Market yourself

Marketing yourself correctly is a major key to successfully using LinkedIn for your contracting business. Be sure to clearly outline your experience and skill sets, as well as the jobs your contracting business specializes in. Combining these key details with carefully chosen keywords will make it easier for recruiters and clients alike to choose you over the long list of your competitors.

Give concrete examples of the services you provide. Provide the clientele you’re courting with evidence of the work you have already done for past clients. This makes your business more interesting to those looking for services, and shows the integrity of the work you stand behind.

Testimonials from current and former clients are imperative if you want anyone to believe in the quality of your work. Including referrals from happy customers on your LinkedIn profile will add appeal to your company in the eyes of recruiters, because it provides them with concrete evidence that your projects are completed to the satisfaction of your clients.

Start networking

Networking allows you to amass a large repertoire of contacts so you will remain in the loops whenever someone is taking bids for a big project. After all, you can’t win any jobs you don’t bid on. Recruiters will also reference your connections on LinkedIn when they want an introduction with a potential general contractor. Join as many relevant groups on the site as possible if you want to improve your visibility. These groups can usually keep you up to date on the latest industry news, and allow you to discuss what certain clients are looking for from their general contractors.

Make yourself available

Your clients want to contact you at their convenience, not yours. You can make this easier by providing several different contact methods on your page (i.e. email, phone numbers and corporate social media accounts). Moreover, it’s imperative that you keep this information updated. You’ll only lose business if a recruiter calls your old cell phone number. People can also send you messages via the LinkedIn messenger, so check your messages regularly.

Don’t forget status updates

Making regular status updates can help you in multiple ways. You can show off your expertise with updates on your most recent projects. You can give a brief description of the project, a link to a blog post you want to share, or a discussion on industry trends. But always make sure to keep your updates concise and professional. Your profile is an advertisement for your business, so you should make sure customers feel confident that you will take them seriously, and that you won’t waste their time, just from a glance at your page.

Having a successful contracting business requires so much more than typing out a few status updates, but a little bit of guerilla marketing will go a long way towards establishing your reputation as a professional. At Contractors Reporting Services, we work hard to make it easy for you to get your contractors license, but we are here to answer any other industry questions you may have. Don’t hesitate to give us a call to see how we can help you.

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