What Customers Look for When Hiring a Contractor in Florida

Being a general contractor license holder is one thing–being a contractor that customers would love to hire is another. It’s not just about pricing your services well. For a customer to hire you, it’s also important to have the contractor’s license, qualifications, references, and the right workforce. This article discusses some of the things that would make your business more attractive to customers.

Get the Correct Florida Contractor’s License

Make sure you have the proper FL contractor’s license for your particular expertise and a specific project. Remember that to work on any of the following you must have a FL contractor license: air-conditioning, building, general, mechanical, plumbing, pollutant storage, residential, roofing, sheet metal, solar, swimming pool or spa, and underground utility and excavation. You do not need a contractor license in Florida if you’re doing a project connected to window treatments, wallpaper, paint, flooring, countertops, cabinets, etc.

As the holder of a contractor’s license in Florida, you have to be bonded and insured. This shows to your customer that if an accident happens in a project or if you fail to perform in accordance to your contract, they are protected. By indicating that you want your customers to be projected means you are confident enough in your services.

Highlight Your Experience

Potential customers will check out what past customers have to say about the contractors they are about to hire. Be ready to present references, whether they may be colleagues, peers, or previous clients. Make sure to have at least 5 credible references that know your work well. A new customer may contact references and ask about your abilities and performance history.

In addition to references, let new customers know about any professional associations that you belong to. Also underscore any activities you do on your end that keep you up-to-date with your industry. This shows how committed you are to your craft and to quality.

Florida Contractors License

Work With Customers with a Firm Timeline

Talk to your customers frankly about your timeline and make sure you are able to deliver on it. If you would like to change the timeline after the project begins, then this must be agreed upon.

Be Ready with Your Subcontractors List

If you work with subcontractors, be ready with a subcontractors list for your customers, as they’ll probably ask about them. Your customers would want to make sure that you and your subcontractors offer the same amount of quality service. Hence, on your end, you have to be confident that your subcontractors have complied with the Florida contractor license requirements and already received their Florida contractor’s license.

Provide Assurances on Safety

Have on hand, a safety plan. You have to have a developed and already implemented health and safety plan that would tackle any hazard that may be encountered in the project. Show that you are a forward thinker that can provide safe working conditions.

Give an Accurate Bid

Accurate and effective bids can be challenging as a contractor. If you underestimate a bid, it can result in understaffing, misevaluating, and wrong scheduling. It would be good for your customer and for your bottom-line if you give a correct bid that rightly estimates a project. Be detailed about the job by being specific about the costs and the scope. Apart from the materials and product costs, the bid should also include detailed information about labor, subcontractor work, and the like. Make sure you also include specifics on the payment timeline.

Meet with Your Customers and Be Honest

Remember, if you end up getting a project, you would be working with the customer almost day in and day out. Thus, you have to make sure you can meet with them and be honest about everything about your business. Communicate well, manage their expectations, speak honestly, and tell them where they can cut on costs (within reason, of course). Transparency is a key factor in building long lasting relationship with customers.

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