Which is the better option for your HVAC business: a LLC or S-corp setup?

hvac businessStarting a HVAC business in Florida can be daunting, especially when faced with the decision of which business set up to choose: a LLC or S-corp. If you’ve researched the two business plans at all, you will see that they offer vastly different benefits. If you are not sure what you want your ultimate company structure to look like, you might find it difficult to pick the foundation of that structure.

Luckily, at Contractors Reporting Services, we offer Florida contractor corporate/LLC setup services to help guide you through the process of deciding which structure works best for you and then actually putting that structure into motion.

For most HVAC businesses just starting, we recommend that you choose a LLC setup. While this is not a blanket statement and is often determined by your ultimate business goals, a LLC setup usually works best for small businesses with only one employee. Here is what Mashable has to say about LLC setup for contractor businesses:

With its roots as a C Corporation, the S Corporation involves structure, formalities and compliance obligations, which can be too burdensome for the solo entrepreneur, in other words, a “payroll of one.” If you incorporate as an S Corporation, you need to set up a board of directors, file annual reports and other business filings, hold shareholder’s meetings, keep records of your meeting minutes, and generally operate at a higher level of regulatory compliance than your business might need or want to deal with. With the LLC, this isn’t the case. LLCs just use an informal operating agreement.

What to know: If you want less red tape and formality, the LLC can provide greater simplicity.

At Contractors Reporting Services, we have a team of specialist who offer Florida contractor corporate/LLC setup services. We can help guide you through the process of establishing a LLC or corporation as the foundation for your HVAC business. Our goal is to make setting up your business as simple as possible so you can start reaching your goals.

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