Why Consider a Specialty License?

specialty-licenseBecoming an FL General Contractor is the best decision for anyone looking to get a contracting business started. The term “general” gives the sense that most of the jobs you would be presented with could be handled, as long as you hold a license as a FL General Contractor. This is true, however, there may be additional opportunities that would open up for you if you also hold a specialty license in another area of expertise. At Contractors Reporting Services, we can assist you with getting any contractors license in the state of Florida and we are also available to answer many of the questions that you might have along the way.

Many times, the decision to pursue the addition of a specialty license comes down the road a bit, after you’ve established a reputation in the industry and have a desire to branch out into a new direction. A General Contractors license allows you to work and/or manage construction projects, but what if you started in a specialized area and have experience to broaden your scope? Think of the doors that might open up.

Here’s an example: You’ve had a successful business as a general contractor in FL for a few years and you have developed a crew that shares your standards of performance and integrity. Things are functioning well in your business, but you see a need for qualified roofing contractors in your area and, because you started out working on a roofing crew, you have the knowledge and expertise to branch out to meet that need. As your roofing jobs begin to pick up, you build a new team, committed to the same quality standards of your general contracting subs. Fast forward a few years and the real estate markets dips, leaving general contracting jobs sparse. If that was your only source of business or referral, things might become difficult; but standing structures would still need roof replacements or repairs and your reputation will keep your business booming. Another probable benefit is that, when an average homeowner is looking to replace their roof, they only think to hire a licensed, qualified roofing contractor. However, when you state that you are also a licensed General Contractor, it could open up additional business opportunities for remodeling or repair work on their home or the homes of friends. Cross-referrals are invaluable in sustaining business growth and development.

Contractors Reporting Services is equipped to help you obtain your FL General Contractor license, as well as any specialty contractor’s license in the state of Florida. Once the licensing requirements to become a General Contractor are completed, obtaining a specialty license would be a far simpler process. Specialty licenses would include, but are not limited to, Sheet Metal, Mechanical, Electrical, Drywall, Class A or B Air Conditioning, Roofing, Commercial Pool, Residential Pool, Marine, Gas Line, Solar, Underground Utilities and Excavation, etc. If you’ve had four or more years of experience working in any one or multiple areas of specialty contracting, you might want to consider pursuing a license in that area. Call Contractors Reporting Services to find out how to get started on your licensing requirements today.

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