Required Experience and Education for a Contractor License in Florida

Based on the recent news, the construction industry in the state of Florida is one of the most promising sectors in the US—this makes it an opportune time to acquire a contractor’s license and get the money rolling into your b

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ank account. Note that as soon as you receive your Florida contractor’s license, continuing education courses are needed for FL contractor’s license renewal (around 14 hours).

Before you figure out what kind of experience and education you specifically need, you have to decide what kind of FL contractor license to acquire. There are two different kinds of contractor’s license in Florida. The registered contractor’s license in Florida allows the contractor to work inside a particular area in Florida. What is needed for this kind of Florida contractor’s license is a certificate of competency. And the other kind is a certified license. This FL contractor license lets you as a contractor work anywhere in the state.

 Focusing on Experience and Education

For Florida, there are different approaches to qualifying for a contractor’s license. First, you must have 4 years of experience and/or education. The education can be 4 years at a school of higher learning that has been accredited and gives you degree that is connected to construction. Or you can opt for 3 years of higher learning course followed by 1 year of working experience in the construction industry. As you can see, there should be a combination of experience and education.

There are also other ways in which to combine experience and education in order to qualify as a contractor. You can have 3 years being a worker and 1 year being a foreman. Another way is to have 2 years of college credits from an accredited school alongside a year as a foreman and another year as a worker. The last way you can get substantial experience for qualification is if you have a year of college credits from an accredited school, 2 years of experience as a worker, and 1 year experience as a foreman.

Qualifying for Military Vets

In the year 2016, it was more convenient for military vets to become qualified contractor’s license holders. Currently, if you have military experience of up to 3 years, this can apply to the education and experience requirement of 4 years. Even better, the military work does not have to be connected to construction. Vets who would like to apply for this waiver can submit the Veteran Fee Waiver and Military Service Verification Form. Vets also need to accomplish a licensure application based on the kind of contractor’s license in Florida that they need. As soon as they have been given the license, they still need to have the 14 hours of continuing education for every 2 years in order to keep their license.

Deciding to Continue Education

If you would like to always be approved during license renewal every 2 years, you have to be proactive and decide on your continuing education. You can browse through course booklets and review course material. This is so you can pass the needed 14 hours of study. You have to make sure, however, that the courses have been approved by the Florida licensing board. Also, double check that as soon as you finish your continuing education courses, the institution you’re working with notifies the Florida Construction Industry Licensing Board by furnishing them with a copy of your completion certificate.

No matter where you’re located in Florida, we at Contractors Reporting Services make Florida contractor’s license requirements, renewal, etc., easy. Located in  Tampa, Florida, we’re ready to talk to you about your licensing needs and concerns.